About Us

We  Asn Safaris believe we are one of the most exciting, innovative and professional team to work with .A dedicated team in East Africa offering an array of high-quality services with first-hand knowledge in East African tours. We’ve  built a team of experts to provide incredible holiday and informative travel blogs, stories and documentaries from across Africa.

We are a proud eco-friendly company offering good value exciting tour adventures for big groups, small groups and private tours i.e. family tours, honeymoons, vacations, holidays and business trips. Catering for exciting Holiday ideas of your dream destinations and all our holidays are tailor made and are designed around you. Have comfort knowing that you are working with a responsible, qualified and professional  brand with outstanding experience. 

Our Mision

We are here to make your traveling dreams come true. Ensuring that you go back home with a bag full of beautiful memories.

Our vision

To be a one stop travelling agency for all kind of travelling solutions in Africa

Our values

  • We are determined to be truthful to our clients at all times no matter the situation. Truth comes first. 

  • Integrity-we are open, honest ,ethical and genuine and goal oriented at what we do

  • We are committed to serve you better and to ensure that you leave with a smile whenever you walk into our offices. 

  • Respect is our top-tier.  We respect every individual irrespective of their religion, diversity, beliefs and culture. 

  • Creating a culture of friendliness and inclusion. Where everyone is welcomed

Our Responsibility

  • We only offer tours delivered by qualified and licensed tour Operators.

  • We strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment. Like, ensuring that our clients do not litter the parks, the nature trails and the beaches. 

  • Traveling is the healthiest way of stretching your mind and filling it with new knowledge and happy memories, and we asngours are here to make sure that you fall in love again this time not with humans but with wild animals new places and beautiful destinations .